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Rowan Atkinson Daily

A Plan So Cunning, You Could Brush Your Teeth With It

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Welcome to the Rowan Atkinson Daily community! one of the many Daily image comms out there, this is for all of your daily visual Rowan Atkinson needs. Discussion of the lovely and amazingly talented British comedian are all incouraged as long as you include a picture with your post. Along with images...icons, banners, layouts, artwork, etc are all encouraged. This is the first Rowan Atkinson image community, and we need your contribution to get it started! So what are you waiting for? Join us in worshipping the deliciousness of Rowan!

Rules for the Community

- Every post MUST include a picture.
- Larger images should be placed behind an lj-cut
- multiple images should also be placed behind an lj-cut
- any images which contain any sexual or objectionable content should be placed behind an lj-cut
- respect your fellow members. there will be NO flaming, spamming, or any abusive posts or comments. My co-mods and I have the right to ban anyone not abiding by these rules.
- please, try to keep posts on topic!
- and lastly, have fun and enjoy the Rowan-ness!

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if you'd like to be an affiliate, send us an email and let us know!

Moderated by Sara (mrowrr)
along with...

The RA-Daily Co-Mod Posse

also, don't forget to spread the word! This is a brand new community, so if you join, all I ask of you is to do us a huge favour and tell everyone you think would be interested in joining us.
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